Marketing, Communication, and Connection Changes

For a business to succeed, the products, services, and messages that marketers are sending to consumers must fit upcoming trends to guarantee that marketing strategies meet what the consumers are interested in.

According to a forecast done by JWT Intelligence, a marketing and communications consulting firm, upcoming trends will be determined by different factors like advancing technology, the idea of shared responsibility, and the economic situation. If marketers consider these in their coming efforts to gain and appeal to consumers, they have a higher chance of keeping up with consumer needs.

Through the efforts of JWT in determining trends in the coming year, here are some of the changes in marketing, communication, and connection that marketers are going to see next year.

More Accessible Products and Services – due to the economic situation, marketers must find a way to make their products more economic-friendly. Consumers are faced with budgeting their money, but you still want them to purchase your goods. Try to reinvent products that will be inexpensive to consumers. Businesses can try to repack their products in smaller containers and sell them at a lower price, rather than offer bigger ones that may take them off budget.

Live a Little – consumers are more restrained now when it comes to purchasing products and services, but they are also found to willingly spend a little on things that will make them feel that they are not missing out on life. Marketers can take advantage of this by sending marketing messages on how consumers can still enjoy the pleasures of life with your product and services.

New Generation Business Owners – there are a lot of young entrepreneurs these days. Marketers need to create marketing and communication strategies that will appeal to these entrepreneurs.

Shared Value – due to cultural shifts and the rise of shared value, marketers must look into building their brands by establishing partnerships with local non-profit causes. This strategy will benefit the business through exposure and good cause, and at the same time benefits customers and the society.

Eco-Friendly Foods – consumers are becoming aware of the environmental impacts of food choices. Marketers can include in their marketing message about how their brand is helping the environment, in any way, in terms of producing goods. Consumers will be more inclined to go for products that are eco-friendly in the coming year.

Single Adults – because there are a lot of women these days that prefer to live on their own, marketers should reinvent their image of single adults. Successful women these days are buying their own property, therefore it is a good time to recreate messages that will appeal to single adults, especially to women.

A Dose of the Unexpected – reinventing randomness, different points of view, inspiration, and discovery will play a key part in upcoming trends. Giving consumers something different and random will benefit marketers if they want to attract and maintain consumer interest.

Touchscreens – touchscreen devices like tablets are really popular these days. It is interactive, easy to use, and appealing to consumers. Marketers can make use of these devices to attract consumers. Last year, Burberry placed iPads in their stores so customers can easily browse through their collections.

Redefine Aging – people are now more comfortable with and positive about aging. Marketers need to redefine how consumers view their age and the elderly. They can do this by choosing people with more depth and texture instead of the young skinny girls to represent their brands.

Premium Offerings – through technology, products are giving consumers the experience of receiving something more appealing. Marketers should focus on showing the premium offerings their products have to increase customer experience. Products can create unique and valuable gifts for others, such as the Postagram app by Sincerly. The app allows users to snap photos and send them as postcards; this adds a more personal touch to the postcard increasing its value for the customer.

JWT’s forecast results are based from a year-long study of consumer and market trends. The study used different research approaches to give businesses tips on what to expect from consumers this coming year. Businesses are dedicated to determining upcoming consumer trends because this is a way to keep that connection between consumers and what businesses can offer. Marketing strategies are also built on consumer trends to make sure that they hit the right mark with the way they communicate and market their products and services.